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A Breakfast Treat


Breakfast Hampers for our Campers from the Juniper Barn, Rendham

Locally produced bacon, sausages, milk, bread, eggs, sauce and jam

All beautifully boxed and ready for you to enjoy al fresco…

£25 for two people

£30 for four people

…just remember to pre order & bring your gas cooker!

There’s also a Vegetarian and Vegan option please click here for full details


The Honey Pot


Just inside Reception is our little honesty shop called the Honey Pot.



There’s lots of goodies to enjoy while you’re onsite from luxury local Suffolk Meadow Ice Cream to gourmet gluten free sausages and burgers.  We’re always trying to add helpful things to the pot so let us know your suggestions.



Just note down what you’ve had and we can settle up when you leave.




Kiln Dried Firewood


The fallen twigs, logs and leaves around Birds & Bees are an important part of the natural environment, one of our very few rules is to leave them as they lay.

You’re welcome to bring your own firewood but we supply kiln dried sustainably sourced split logs for a perfect easy lighting campfire.

You’ll get 10 to 12 logs in your bucket, plus a bundle of kindling and an eco fire lighter.  Every pitch has it’s own dedicated fire pit so you can sit back and enjoy our huge skies with the warm glow of a real campfire!

£7 per bucket

It’s a good idea to order at least one bucket with your booking, but you can buy more during your stay.