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Clover's Corner


This sweet little 2 acre meadow is the closest to the Beehive and the Tree Bog , everything on site is within 100m walk so it’s well suited to families with young children.

Choose from any of the 4 pitches named after a flower:

Buttercup – Cowslip – Daisy – Sunflower



Meadow Rise


The undulating curves of this 4 acre meadow means it offers the best views and some of the most sheltered pitches at Birds and Bees, just check the description when you’re booking your stay for pitch details.

Choose from any of the 8 pitches named after wild birds:

Cuckoo – Gift – Goldfinch – Nuthatch – Robin

Skylark – Tawny – Wagtail – Yellowhammer



Nature's Way


This is the most secluded meadow, it is the furthest from the Beehive but if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for there’s no place like Natures way.

Choose from any of the 4 pitches named after British mammals:

Badger – Hedgehog – Muntjack – Squirrel